All about coronavirus protection masks

Where are masks mandatory?
In enclosed public places or places open to the public
The mask must be worn in all enclosed public places or those receiving the public:

  • Audition, conference, meeting and performance rooms (including cinemas),
  • Restaurants, drinking establishments and game rooms,
  • Hotels and boarding houses,
  • Early learning or educational institutions, vacation and leisure centers,
  • Libraries, documentation centers and museums, 
  • Worship establishments,
  • Covered sports facilities,
  • Outdoor facilities, marquees and tents,
  • Mountain huts,
  • Bus and ferry stations, as well as airports,
  • Retail stores and shopping malls and covered markets,  
  • Administrations and banks,
  • In schools, the mask is compulsory for all adults (teachers, school staff, parents ) and for students from the age of 11 (entry into sixth grade). Middle and high school students must keep the mask during recess.
  • In companies in all enclosed and shared spaces

When should the mask coronavirus be worn outdoors? 
The government does not wish to generalize the obligation to wear the mask on the territory. "We trust local elected officials and prefects to make decisions wherever it makes sense," said Olivier Véran, interviewed on France 2 on August 12. 

Thus, the list of municipalities making masks mandatory in their city centers (pedestrian streets, open-air markets...), or even in all their open spaces, including parks, is constantly growing. 

To determine when it is important to wear a mask outdoors, the Minister of Health proposes the "ABCD rule":

  1. When we are at risk: "When we are fragile, when we are old for example", 
  2. When you are in a crowded place: "You are in a street, even if wearing a mask is not mandatory and you see that you have difficulty moving between people, you have to equip yourself with the mask",
  3. In enclosed areas: "When you are indoors with other people",
  4. When the distance is unmanageable: "That is, you cannot stay at least one meter away from people".